Paint your room

All of us must agree that white plastic mini blinds always become a pain-in-the-neck. Cleaning those plastics from the walls is always a tough ask. Nevertheless, your favorite paintings do require a wall anchor. Interestingly, if you are requested to stare at the four white walls of your room for five minute, you will probably scream.

No wonder the woes of renting an apartment are so frustrating for everyone. It always spreads the anger among the minds of the tenant when the proprietor restrictions get in your way to renovate the house. However, there are many ways to input some alterations to your house and still get the desired effect. The simplest – and least expensive – methods to transform your new apartment are to color the walls and put up picture art on them. Sadly most of the rent agreements give little leverage to paint the walls in your way and allow nothing bigger than a half inch nail that is hardly strong enough to withstand a poster.

Such unnecessary rules could not stop Jyotsna Walker, a homemaker- whose apartment is in the heart of Georgia. Her Norcross apartments were an acute exemplary of self-motivated renovation. Once she went through the institutional decor of the house, she took no time and headed straight to the owner’s place of ideas of her own. She was not partial in any way to renovate her rented house. New floorings, color paint and plenty of holes for arts and photos to be hung on the walls- were some of her little demands.

It always gets comfortable, if you ask the property owner first before taking any decision. All you have to figure out here is to convince your proprietor that you are adding value to his/her space. Here are some simple steps to convince your proprietor:

  • You need to tell your landlord in detail about the changes you want to make, how are you going to plan to pay for them and how will the things change back once you leave the apartment.
  • Unbelievably, such conversations can pay off. In cases, where the cowhide rug or the carpet in one of the rooms needs replacing, you may freely ask the proprietor to change the carpets and get one of your choices.
  • If you need a new ceiling fan of an exhaust system, you can ask the proprietor, and he will help you out to get the cheapest products available in the market.

In fact, the Visitor’s outlook comes from the fact that she has lived her entire lifetime in the apartments, and we should miss no chance to give it to her. However, on your part you should be considerate about your requirements and try to accomplish them with the support of the proprietor. There may be so many things that you should do to liven up your apartment but always remember that the best way to get them done is to shake hands with the owner.